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  About Piedmont


  Unexplored and little known, Italy’s Piedmont region really does lie „al piè dei monti“, that is,

  at the foot of the hills. It is rightly known as the “hidden beauty”.





  Little known because it is located away from the main transport routes; while making your way to the beaches

  on the Adriatic coast or to Florence, you are unlikely to pass through here.

  Fortunately, some might say!

  No overcrowded tourist attractions or churches, no endless queues for entry tickets to museums,

  no coaches in traffic jams trying to get into the villages, no hoardes of tourists on idyllically positioned little

  squares and certainly no tourist menus.

  Here, everything still remains somewhat more authentic and genuine than in the rest of Italy.





  A beauty because nature seems to have emptied a generous cornucopia over the Piedmont region.

  It is characterised by agriculture, viticulture, hazelnut trees, truffles, chestnuts and fields of corn and sunflowers.


  The Piedmont region – the largest on the mainland – is one of the most interesting and varied areas of Italy with  

  a beautiful landscape and a rich cultural history.






  By the way, did you know that…?


  -  The white truffles of Alba are among the best in the world


  -  Alba is home to the famous chocolatier Ferrero (understandable, with all the hazelnuts)


  -  Every second grain of rice comes from Piedmont


  -  Breadsticks (Grissini) were invented in Turin


  -  Asti is the centre of Italian sparkling wine (spumante) production


  -  90% of fine Piedmont wines (Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera and Dolcetto) are produced in the vineyards

     of the Montferrat around Asti, Alessandria and the area of Alba and Canelli


  - Turin – the region’s capital – produces the best chocolate in the whole of Italy


  (It is no wonder that Piedmont people are considered to be true gourmets,

  as their cuisine is both down-to-earth and sophisticated at the same time)





 Even a great deal of what makes up the image of Italy today has its origins in Piedmont:


  -  The Alessi and Cerruti brands


  -  The vermouth that has become an ingredient of Vodka-Martinis around the world


  -  The hats of Borsalino from Alessandria


  The „singing lawyer “ Paolo Conte comes from Asti, and much more





  The Area of the Montferrat


  It is known as the heart of Piedmont. The endless lines of hills with countless vines and towers, cupolas,

  churches, castles and fortresses standing majestically atop them are truly breathtaking.






And Montabone right at its heart




  A small village, about six kilometers from Acqui Terme and about an hour from Turin, Genoa or Milan

  in the direction of the Liguria coast.

  An ideal point of departure for extensive walks and tours, sightseeing visits to the region’s countless wine cellars

  and artworks, mountain biking and motorcycle tours. In just an hour, you can reach one of the region’s five

  outstanding golf courses.