Casa Calma



Double Room

Junior Suite





  Should I renovate another old house or build a brand new one?

  This was the quandary I was faced with about four years ago.





  Or would it even be possible to combine the benefits of both?


  I was sure, it would be! Firstly, I located a site with an amazing view and then identified an architect who was

  able to understand what an unusual combination I had in mind. Together with Alberto Sanquilico from

  Acqui Terme, I sought out craftsmen in the local area who were still skilled in the old art of construction.


  Thus, they brought carriages of original stones from the „Alta Langa“, sourced old beams, used traditional lime

  plaster throughout the whole house, restored antique iron parts, built doors in the Piedmont old-style,

  moulded boulders into sinks, and so on.





  With all the effort we could muster, and with much blood, sweat and tears and a great deal of passion,

  we not only managed to imitate Piedmont’s country house style but we made it come alive.


  The interiors, with great attention to detail and to the minor elements, underline the overall result:

  A new, old style country house.





  Casa Calma offers a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in an oasis of peace. Surrounded by unspoilt nature,

  it boasts a swimming pool and a magnificent view over Montabone and the valley, which stretches as far as the Apennine Mountains.





  Two living spaces with well-balanced interiors offer a total of six sleeping places.










Architetto Sanquilico Alberto